Career and Culture

Employment Opportunities: Life at Bhartiy

Bhartiy means creative freedom

We believe in finding the right people for the job and getting out of their way and letting them do it. At Bhartiy we know that people work best when they are doing what they love. And you won't have to spend more than a moment with our team before you'll realize they love their work.

If you are looking for a rewarding work environment, where the management respects the talents of their team members, you will find Bhartiy the best choice to begin or continue your IT career. People are not just as numbers as at Bhartiy. Our employees are part of the company family and we strive to make them feel at home.

bhartiy-now-hiringWe build our success on teamwork

At Bharity we are a strong believer in the motto that there is no "I" in "teamTeam". We strive to develop a team-driven atmosphere that puts the best talent available in the IT world and sets them loose to produce Web magic. That can only be accomplished with a teamwork spirit that values the input of all team members.

From day one we challenge new employees to find the best ways to communicate with one another and with clients so that no detail is lost and no chance to excel is overlooked. Communication breakdown is the greatest obstacle in most project failures, and our teamwork philosophy enables our staff to get high-quality work done quickly and efficiently.

Enjoyable work environment engenders productivity

When you work for Bhartiy, you get all the amenities you expect from one of the top companies in outsourced IT. You will enjoy benefits such as full life insurance coverage, profit sharing, a casual dress code, and lunch and coffee provided by the company. At Bhartiy, you will not be a nameless nobody lost in a sea of cubicles. Each and every one of our employees is a jewel in the crown of excellence that our services represent within the IT industry.

What are you great at doing?

So if you are looking for a career as an IT professional, a Web designer, a system administrator or any of our fine support staff that keeps the company running, contact us and let us know that you are ready to be part of the Bhartiy team.