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Compatibility:  compat 30    

Support options available: 3/6/12 Months

Current Version: 1.1 Stable

Liscense: GPL V2

Type: Commercial ext com mini ext plugin mini  for Just $ 40

Contact us if you want dedicated monthly maintainance & support: Starting from just $350/Month

Currently used on tens of Joomla Driven Website


Subscription Table for "Coupon Lister for Joomla", A comprehensive solution for making coupon listing website.

Support for 1 Domain, you can Download and install it on unlimited domains

Subscription Time Cost  Benifits
3 Month USD 40 3 Month Support
6 Month USD 60 6 Month Support
12 Month USD 80 12 Month Support, Free Configuration service of extension on your website (1 Domain).

The Extension 'Coupon Lister for Joomla' is used to make a full fledged coupon listing website, it provides all comprihensive solution. includinh automatically delisting of expiered coupons.

If you are not able to configure the extension, Bhartiy Team can do it for you for an additional fee of $60 (each domain).


  1. Multiple Categories/subcategories
  2. Multiple Brands
  3. URL Prefix/Sufix (Brand Based)
  4. Multiple Coupon types: Coupons, Afiliate URL, Deals
  5. Brand Creation
    1. Name
    2. Alias
    3. Logo
    4. URL Suffix
  6. Coupon Creation:
    1. Title
    2. Alias
    3. Short Description
    4. Long Description
    5. Coupon Type
    6. Coupon Code