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Compatibility:  compat 25    & 3.x

Support options available: 3/6/12 Months

Current Version: 2.1

Liscense: GPL V2

Type: Commercial ext plugin mini

Currently Supported Cloud service: GDrive by Google

Currently used by more than 750 Joomla Driven Website

Subscription Table for Cloud Backup for Joomla.
Support for 1 Domain, Download and install it on unlimited domains

Subscription Time Cost  Benifits
1 Day FREE  FREE- With Minimum billing of $2000 of sellacious
3 Month USD 99 3 Month Support + Free 9 Months when
6 Month USD 100 6 Month Support
12 Month USD 150 12 Month Support, Free Configuration service of extension on your website (1 Domain).

The Extension 'Joomla Cloud Backup' is used to take automated file and Database backup of your joomla website, it will automatically backup in certain configurable intervals and will then save them on your cloud services example: GDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, iDrive etc (for now Google Drive Support only Click Here to learn more about GDrive by Google)

The Joomla Cloud Backup not only keeps your Backup files out at safest place on planet but also gives you option of intense configuration. Joomla Cloud Backup is extremely useful against conventional Backup software as it does not keep your backup on your server.

If you are not able to configure the extension, Bhartiy Team can do it for you for an additional fee of $60 (each domain), however a complete detailed guide is provided along with the extension showing how to configure your extension.


  1. Multiple Backup Profiles
    1. Backup Interval
    2. Backup Type
      1. Files and Database
      2. Only Files
      3. Only Database
    3. Backup Folder name of Cloud Service
    4. Files/Folders to exclude from Backup
    5. Database Tables to Exclude from Backup
    6. Status of the Backup profile
  2. List View of Backups available to download
  3. One click Download of Backups from Cloud service