Android Apps and Games Development

androidAndroid is one of the hottest platforms to hit the development world in the last decade and the operating system runs on the vast majority of mobile devices that are available today. Supported by Google's massive market reach and IT innovation, Android remains a top-notch choice for companies who want to expand their online availability. There is also a thriving mobile game market, and you may want to invest in the next great entertainment sensation.

Whatever your goals are, Bhartiy has a team of mobile development specialists who are experts in the Android platform and can provide you with a robust app or game that will run without any problems across the Android product line.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose Bhartiy to get you started in the world of Android development:

  • - Bhartiy employs some of the industry's top specialists in Android app development.
  • - Our team has a combined track record of deploying hundreds of Android and other mobile platform applications.
  • - Our developers are also designers and will provide you an elegant app or game that works flawlessly across Android versions.
  • - By choosing to outsource your project to an offshore company, you get the benefit of access to quality developers at a lower cost.
  • - Not only do we provide a great app or game, we can deploy it to Google play to save you time and frustration and get your product to millions of potential customers.
  • - Quality assurance is one of our specialties and it goes into all of our products we develop.
  • - You will not get a cookie cutter app from a template. We will develop a completely custom product to your exacting specifications.
  • - We can help you market you app or game if you need it.

When you choose to develop on Android, the possibilities for what you can do are endless. This is not a limited platform just because it is mobile. Here are some of the many classifications of Android apps Bhartiy can provide for you:

  • - Social networking: Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and other services to stay in touch with employees and customers.

  • - Games, including 3D: Market the next mobile game sensation.

  • - Business or financial: Keep track of your projects and monitor the bookkeeping.

  • - Productivity: Keep your day to day running smooth.

  • - Travel: Always know the best places to go at the best prices.

  • - Education: Mobile makes learning convenient.

  • - Utility: Apps can perform specific useful tasks.

  • - Medical: Monitor heart rate, provide diabetes shot reminders and endless other possibilities.

  • - Custom application: Whatever your imagination can dream up, Bhartiy can give you what you need.