Search Engine Optimization and marketing

search-engine-optimisation-When your business depends on getting regular and consistent Web traffic, you need to make sure your site is appearing as high as possible in search engine results so that people can find you. But since there are millions of sites on the Net and probably thousands with content similar to your pages, you need professional consulting to ensure your site ranks as highly as possible.

Bhartiy employs teams of SEO consultants who have many years of experience in implementing SEO strategies to help sites reach their maximum potential in search listing rankings. Let us help your site rise in the ranks.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that takes advantage of the knowledge of how search engines like Google rank Web pages for inclusion in search results. Google bases the rank it gives to pages on the perceived importance of each individual page, which is largely based on how many other pages link to that page as well as how highly those other pages are ranked.

But rank is not the only factor in where a page falls in a search result listing. Engines also try to provide their users with high quality, relevant search results and they attempt this by matching content in the pages with the terms a user searched.

Optimization strategies try to take advantage of both of these factors by trying to get lots of quality pages to link to their own pages, and to ensure that the content of their pages match popular search terms.


How can you deploy SEO?

Our experienced SEO technicians will use Web analysis tools to research the most popular keywords that relate to your site's content and customize the text and structure of the page to try to get a higher relevance rank in search engine results. They will also help you with strategies to make sure links to your site appear on as many prominent high-ranked sites as possible.

It sounds too good to be true.

If all you had to do was add some keywords to your site to increase traffic, why not load down the site with keywords and really shoot to the top? That's a good question, and that brings us to some of the risks of SEO tactics and why it helps to use a professional SEO consultant.

Modern search engines are wise to some of the shadier SEO practices like hiding keywords on a page so the reader doesn't see it but the search engine does. Therefore these tactics often work against a site and can have it kicked out of search results completely.

You need SEO, but you also need an experienced pro to ensure you get the most out of your SEO strategies without falling afoul of the search engines. You need Bhartiy's SEO consultants.