Web Application Development and Services

web-application-developmentAt Bhartiy, we pride ourselves on providing you with the Internet's highest quality offshore IT services, and we particularly shine in Web development and related services. Few businesses could survive today without a presence on the Web, and our specialty has been into deploying rich and robust Web solutions to satisfied clients for many years.

We hire the top talents who are leading experts in the major Web technologies used across the Internet today. And as the Web evolves, we stay ahead of the game by keeping our eye on the wave of technology and making sure our technicians are well-versed.

In recent times, the Web has gotten sophisticated enough that most sites uses Content Management Systems to help them maintain the constantly changing landscape of their site's information, updates and user account information. Bhartiy's developers are experts in the major CMS's and server-side technologies that help keep your site dynamic and interesting.

Additionally, as Google and other modern search engines become ubiquitous, techniques to improve Website appearance in search results have taken the Web by storm. Our developers can suggest and improve these Search Engine Optimization efforts so that your site can be seen by as many people as possible. This means more customers for you. And if you generate revenue from ads on your pages, SEO placement is particularly important for your business success.

Here are some of the Web development technologies and some of the services our teams can provide for your project or site:

Extension development for the Joomla content management system platform.

We employ the offshore IT industry's top Joomla developers and specialize in extending it for your custom needs. Click HERE for more information.

Dynamic pages with a PHP backbone.

This is one of the most ubiquitous technologies on the Net and we can meet all your PHP needs including setting up access to a database. Click HERE for more information.

Our staff excels in developing for Drupal, a popular content management system.

Let us set up a Drupal site for you or make improvements on your existing system. Click HERE for more information.

Wordpress Extension Development.

Wordpress is the content management system that has taken the Net by storm. Uses primarily as a blog platform, it can be customized to meet any need. Click HERE for more information.

Microsoft's .NET

Microsoft .NET is still a driving force in the software world, and Web development is no different. Our developers have been using .Net on the Web for years and get provide a robust, scalable solution. Click HERE for more information.

Search Engine Optimization solutions

Our site design, content and Web marketing specialists work together to provide you with premier Search Engine Optimization solutions so that your site will as high as possible in search engine results. Click HERE for more information.