Joomla Extension Development

joomla-extension-developmenJoomla is one of the Net's most popular content management systems and is used by some of the Net's largest company sites such as eBay and Barnes and Noble. This open source technology is easily extensible which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

This is where Bhartiy comes in. Our Web developers are Joomla experts and we can help you navigate through the many options and choices you have to make when setting up a page. Our developers are capable of identifying and deploying any of existing thousands of Joomla extensions that may be suitable for your site. More importantly, we can create custom extensions that meet your exacting needs.

Here are a few of the ways we can help you deploy a Joomla project depending on your needs:

Joomla is great for developing your business's primary site. Because Joomla is so easy to use, once our developers have your Joomla site set up and configured, you should have no problem maintaining it. However we can always provide maintenance service as well.

We can also set up your internal company network with Joomla to help you keep up with your business's projects, communicate easily with employees, and track productivity.

Joomla is perfect for deploying your company's blog, electronic magazine or any other kind of online publishing. If you need to get structured and entertaining information out to the public, we can provide you with a Joomla solution that fits your needs.

If you sell products and services directly online through your site, you will be pleased with Joomla's robust ecommerce support. And our developers are experts on the deployment of ecommerce software.

Government agencies also need to communicate information to the public, and Joomla is the perfect platform for easy-to-use content management. Contact us to see how we can get your agency's site up and running.

Joomla is also great for small businesses with small staffs. Because the system is so easy to maintain, once we deliver your finished product, you will not need to hire extra people just to maintain it.

Joomla is an excellent option for non-profit organizations. There are no license fees to use the software, and our offshore developers will provide you a high quality product at less than you would pay anywhere else.

Schools can easily benefit from how easily and effectively Joomla lets you get information out to parent and students. Let us provide your school with a robust Joomla solution.