dotNet Development

When your business depends on your Web presence either for selling products and services or for creating a place on the Net where your customers and staff can keep up with the latest information about your company, you need a robust and solid platform that is easy to use and secure from bugs and tampering.

microsoft-dotnetFor such a robust system it helps to depend on technologies that are integrated and have many years of testing and development to ensure their quality and steadfastness. Microsoft's .Net framework fills the bill. Not only that, you may not realize how well .Net handles Web development. The ASP technology at the core of its Web development platform is time-tested and integrated with the rest of your operating system.

At Bhartiy, our developers have extensive experience with the .Net framework both on the Web and on the desktop which puts us in a prime position to evaluate your company's requirements and how they fit in with your Web development strategies.

Here are a few reasons why you should let Bhartiy provide you with a .Net solution for your company's Web site:

ASP.Net. ASP has been around for almost as long as Microsoft has been developing projects for networking on machines running the Windows Operating System. Because of its long  heritage, it has undergone wide and extensive testing to ensure that it is secure and that it holds up to the rigors of network traffic. Now ASP serves as the server-side scripting functionality of the .Net framework, and provides interaction between the operating system and the server. Bhartiy's experienced .Net developers can take advantage of this integration to provide your system with services that make managing and updating your site and its content a breeze.


By investing in the .Net platform for developing your site, you can take advantage of WebMatrix, a collection of tools integrated to maximize your productivity in deploying your Web content and services.

Advanced database access:

Bhartiy's developers will use the integration between ASP and .Net to provide you with a robust database solution that will engender fast and secure database access for the dynamic content for your Web pages.

These are just a few of the reasons you should let Bhartiy's offshore developers provide your company with a high quality .Net Web solution at a fraction of the cost you will pay for other services.