PHP Development


There are few technologies as ubiquitous on the Web as PHP. This server scripting language has been deployed in the creation of dynamic Web pages for decades now. Beginning as a simple patch to a Web server, PHP is now used on almost every Web site on the Net.

PHP makes it easy to provide dynamic content to your site's visitors without revealing the code used. This is secure because no one can ever see what PHP is doing in the background. This makes the platform perfect for handling logging in to a site and accessing databases on the server side.

Most content management systems use PHP on their backend. These include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Bhartiy's PHP experts can extend these platforms for you to customize your experience and get you the special features you need.

php-logoBut you don't have to use existing content management platforms only. Our PHP developers can provide you with a custom PHP platform that meets your exacting specifications. While this can take longer than deploying an existing platform, there are security and performance advantages of using a custom solution.

Your custom PHP content management system will be immune to the bugs and viruses that occasionally affect existing systems. When a platform is popular, it inevitably becomes targeted by internet hackers. And while our developers can lock down any content management system you choose to help keep out the bad guys, a custom system is much more secure as they would have to create special attention your unique product.

A custom PHP solution also have performance benefits over an off-the-shelf product. Most common CMS's try to be everything to everybody and cover a wide variety of needs. This can lead to bloat that bogs down your system. Our PHP developers can create a solution that focuses only on what you need without bogging down your system with features and services that you never use.

PHP also had advantages over other server-side scripting technologies such as Perl or Python. Because PHP is part of the Web server itself, it does not have to call out to another program on your machine to perform the script and then give back the results. When your site is handling hundreds to thousands of transactions, this can mean a significant savings in processor overhead and speed of your site.

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