WordPress Development

Few technologies have shot to stardom faster than the content management system known as WordPress. Primarily invented for blogs, this dynamic Website system is used to serve up more Internet pages than any other CMS on the Net.

One of the reasons for its success is its ease of use, and normally a blogger can have a basic site set up within minutes of downloading the software, which is also free and open source. But you need something more specific to the purpose of your company's Web presence, and that's where we come in.

wordpress-logoAt Bhartiy, our PHP developers have extensive experience installing, configuring and customizing WordPress to maximize its use for any commercial or other purpose. Because the platform is based on PHP, we can make whatever adjustment are necessary to ensure you have a robust and secure content management system serving up pages for your site's visitors.

Here are a few advantages to letting Bhartiy get you into a WordPress site:

Customizable themes:

This is one of the strengths of WordPress. It is very customizable and comes with a wide variety of themes, as well as provides an easy-to-use interface for creating your own themes. We can get you a custom theme design that makes your site look attractive to its users as well as being easy to use.

Extensible with plugins:

Besides themes, the functionality of the site can be extended by writing PHP plugins that agree with the WordPress architecture. Plugins allow you to add extra functionality that doesn't come default with WordPress. And there are thousands of plugins that the user community has developed. But our WordPress developers can provide you with custom plugins that handle your site's specific requirements.


These are addons that serve as mini applications within your overall WordPress site. Widgets can do such things as adding a Twitter feed, Google Maps functionality, and commercial applications like product inventory browsers and shopping carts. And of course Bhartiy's WordPress specialists can create whatever Widgets you need to provide added value to your customers and staff.

Mobile support:

Not only is WordPress optimized to provide easy access to your site from mobile devices including those running iOs, Android and others, but your site can be configured to allow you to manage the site and update the content from your mobile phone or tablet. And besides existing general apps for these devices that provide overall WordPress support, we can develop custom mobile applications that allow you to interact with your WordPress site in ways not available in any off-the-shelf app.