Infrastructure at Bhartiy Web Technologies

At Bhartiy, we are able to reach our IT quality goals because of the efficient and robustly designed infrastructure set up within the company. Too many companies take unnecessary amounts of time to get projects up and running, failing to meet deadlines and running way over time because their operating environment is substandard. We know you expect your IT and Web solutions to be delivered in a timely basis, and we are able to meet that demand because of our expertly implemented infrastructure.

Some of the highlights of our company's infrastructure include:

  • 5000 square-foot facility gives our developers and technicians plenty of elbow room.

  • 24-hour backup power ensures that your data is never lost during a power outage.

  • 2 leased line connections makes sure we have plenty of bandwidth available at all times.

  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure of 5 dedicated servers located worldwide ensures data redundancy so that there is never a loss of information.

  • We are a green company. Solar power makes up our primary source of electricity.

  • Fully paperless operations keeps us environmentally friendly and avoids discrepancies between paper and electronic filing.

  • Dedicated local services supports a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) so that we can develop and test on and support any major platform.

  • 50% of revenues is invested back into professional development so that our employees remain the top experts in their respective fields.

  • Your data and code is secure: Almost all of our operations take place on an internal network not connected to the Internet. This prevents outside threats from affecting our ability to get your job done without losing time or data.

  • 24-hour rolling backups ensure your data's integrity. Hard drives are backed up every 3 hours onto local storage devices and the entire system conducts an offsite cloud storage backup once a day.

  • No pirated software. Unlike many outsource companies, we use entirely legitimate and licensed software. This keeps you out of legal trouble and it prevents us from contracting the computer viruses that often infect illegal copies of software.

  • All hardware is backed by a 3 year AMC, and we perform complete upgrades every 3 years: both hardware and software.

  • Our employees enjoy worry free life as company provides each of them with health and medical insurance, and makes our work foce focused and focus more on work.

You need an IT company that provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your project data and code is available at all times, without risk of loss, and secure enough to avoid the harmful actions of the evildoers who plague the Internet. Bhartiy Web Technologies is the outsource company that can and will meet your needs.