Database Architecture, Design, Management and Implementation

The foundation of today's dynamic Web is the deployment of database systems that Interact with our sites' pages. Effective database infrastructures ensure that your product information is secure and accessible and it gives your customers easy access to their information. Your internet presence lives and dies by the strength or weakness of your site's and/or by application database integrity.

Bhartiy maintains an expert staff of database development and management specialists who have extensive experience in maintaining data integrity. Our developers are versed in all of the major database platforms and can provide your company with the backbone infrastructure that your network data access requires.

Bhartiy can provide your company or project with development and maintenance at every stage in the creation of a database infrastructure.

Database Architecture

We have developers who are experts in each of the Web's top database products and can provide you with an initial setup that will scale with your business or project as it grows. Whether you choose to use MySQL or MS-SQL, we have a team that is ready to get you setup and on your way.


Database Design

In order to provide your employees and customers fast and efficient access to your company's data, your database needs to be deigned with accessibility and scalability in mind. Our developers are not only experts in the maintenance of database servers, but they can help you develop a robust design as well.


Database Management

Once you have your database infrastructure in place, it will only hum like a fine-tuned engine if it receives regular quality maintenance. Like any high-tech system, a high-quality database requires regular tuneups and checks to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency and that there are no bottlenecks in the process. Our IT team can provide you with a regular regime of maintenance to keep your database humming.

Database Implementation

Once you have your database designed and developed, it has to be deployed on your servers and connected with your other network technologies in order for it to be useful. We can help you there as well. Bhartiy can get your MySQL or MS-SQL database system set up and running with whichever platform you have chosen for your infrastructure. Our database specialists will ensure that the various software and hardware products that will be working in conjunction with your database are configured for the most efficient data transactions possible.