Services Offered

Bhartiy strives to be the supreme source for outsourced IT consultancy, and we do that by making sure your every need is our top concern. Our teams are comprised of the Internet's top experts in Net technologies, so we can easily provide you with solutions to help you deploy your own IT infrastructure.

What's great about Bhartiy is that we develop IT solutions every day, all day, so we know the problems that pop and have already solved them a thousand times over. Whatever headaches your company's IT team is having with your internal systems, we have seen it all before. Therefore we can provide quick and easy solutions and a price that won't break your IT budget.

Robustness is key

You need your network operating every day. You can't afford for your system to be down. Downtime is lost profit. When your Internet servers or intranet system is causing you problems, it can be frustrating when you have projects due and you can't locate the source of your IT failure.

This is where Bhartiy comes in. Our experienced IT technicians can usually diagnose system problems quickly, and we can help you restructure your system so you don't have bottlenecks and downtime in the future.


Initial setup sets the stage

However, the real key to a robust server strategy, whether it be an outward facing Internet server cluster or an intranet infrastructure, building a robust system from the beginning is the key to reducing problems in the future. Bhartiy's IT consultants can get you started with a secure and robust strategy from the beginning so that you may not even have to call us again.

Competitiveness depends on uptime

Face it, your system has to be up to keep providing you with profits. Any time your Internet servers are down, you run the risk of frustrating existing customers and making it impossible for new customers to bring you new business. When your site is down, you are driving business to your competitors.

Bhartiy can help. Our IT consultants can help you set up a robust network cluster that can handle the bandwidth hits and weather power outages to keep your Internet presence in front of existing and potential customers where it belongs.

Contact Bhartiy today to see how we can provide your company with the IT consultancy you need.