Strategic Offshore Development Partners

At Bhartiy we know that you are looking for an offshore development company that can provide you with timely work at a low cost. But you also need a company you can trust to be both knowledgeable and dependable. We strive to answer those needs by employing the finest IT technicians and developers and ensuring they follow all standard privacy and security procedures.

You are looking to cut costs and we provide the best developers money can buy at the lowest costs as well. How can we manage this? Our developers know the technologies they work on. These are not fly-by-night coders. Our developers are experts in Web technologies and we make a point to match programmers with projects that use technologies they are most familiar with.

Based in India, we employ top developers who have vast experience in offshore and outsourced projects. And we can provide developers on a project or hourly basis, depending upon what your individual needs are. We can even provide personnel to work full time on a particular project if your business needs that level of commitment. Here is a selection of development services we offer:

Joomla Full Time Developer:

Let our Joomla experts get you up and running with one of the Web's most popular content management systems.

PHP Full Time Developer:

PHP is the backbone of the net, and we can provide you with an expert developer who can connect your Web infrastructure together with PHP support.


Android Full Time Developer:

The hottest mobile technology around, let us help you provide support for this technology to help your company enter the future of networking.

.Net Full Time Developer:

Microsoft Windows is the king of business and office computing platforms. Let us develop and deploy your .Net application and keep your business competitive.

MySQL Full Time Developer:

MySQL is the most popular database on the Net. Let our MySQL experts get the foundation of your company's site up and solid so you be assured of continuous uptime.

MS-SQL Full Time Developer:

We can keep your Windows server in tip top shape by making sure your MS-SQL database connectivity is robust and efficient.