Quality Assurance and Project Management

As one of the leading support providers for the IT industry, we at Bhartiy know how important providing robust, high-quality solutions are to the success of a business. And we can pass our years of experience delivering that quality on to you and your product.

As if often the case with businesses and organizations who have a presence on the Net, websites are often maintained by personnel who are not always trained in the technical aspects of IT technology. That's where we can help. We provide a full-featured quality assurance program that you can take advantage of to ensure your technology-related products and services are delivered bug-free and smoothly-running.

Bhartiy's quality assurance experts are knowledgeable both in the technology and deployment of all the major Web and desktop platforms, so you can rest at ease that we can bring your product the fine-tuning it deserves. When your website or technology is in its beta stage, let our debugging experts and testers go through it with a fine-tooth comb to weed out any errors before your customers do. And if you already have a product out in the wild, we will troubleshoot your known problems and wrangle in those pesky bugs.

But applications are not the only areas where quality is important. Your customers need to be able to access correct and easy-to-read documentation for how to use your products and services. A correctly-running IT solution does your clients no good if they don't know how to use it. Bhartiy's Quality Assurance team will work closely with its technical writing specialists to ensure that your application or website documentation meets high standards of readability, factual accuracy, and grammar correctness.


Another problem that plagues companies across the Internet is that their  websites are difficult to use and understand. Awkward designs, poorly-written content and hard-to-use interfaces make it difficult for customers to find the information they need. All too often a customer will give up and go elsewhere. Let our Quality Assurance team evaluate your site so that you can provide your customers with the best experience possible.

Quality assurance is the make it or break it foundation of any IT solution, and you don't want to ruin your hard won reputation by putting out products that are not fully baked.

Sign up with Bhartiy's Quality Assurance program and see your customer bug reports shrink and your product reviews soar.