Technical Writing and Documentation

Anyone who has spent any time in the IT world knows that documentation is everything. It doesn't take very long looking at pages and pages of programming code or technical data to realize that you need someone to put all of that information into context.

At Bhartiy we provide some of the industry's top technical writers who are experts at documenting software code as well as structuring massive piles of data and instructions into readable texts and reports.

Don't spend another day pouring over eye-blurring, mind-numbing technical readouts, and computer code. We can deliver to you readable, fact-filled and error-free documentation at a price you won't be able to find anywhere else. And we can provide original documentation or translations in several languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Kannada, and Telugu.


Software Documentation

Software documentation one of the most important aspects of software development, yet quality documentation is usually sparse to nonexistent in most software projects. The problem is that most programmers are great at solving problems, but not always so great at communicating how they did it.

We feel your pain, and we have documentation specialists who are both knowledgeable in the technical aspects of IT and development as well as being able to create crisp, readable documentation of how programs work and why they were coded the way they were. There is nothing more frustrating than coming back six weeks later and not understanding your code or the code of the person who last worked on the project. Let us set you up with concise and useful documentation in your code and in your manuals, so that your developers and users will not be left utterly confused.

Textbook Writing

One of the greatest obstacles to keeping talented IT students and professionals up to date with the latest technologies and developments is the inability for text books to keep up with changes in the field. It is incumbent upon companies and research organizations within the IT industry to publish the results of their work so that others can benefit from and improve upon that work.

Bhartiy recognizes this dilemma, and our documentation professionals are equipped to turn your data and procedures into easy-to-read textbooks for your employees and for IT students to learn of the latest advances. We are also capable of translating existing texts between several Asian languages as well as English.


Besides software documentation and textbook writing, Bhartiy's technical writers can provide you with just about any kind of technical documentation your company or project may require, including white papers, journal articles and complete reports. Contact our IT writing staff to find out how we can meet your technical writing needs.